Time For Action 

We are back and ready to rock your wardrobe with new essential, well-crafted garments. We can also alter your clothes to further ajust them to you.

Our Expert Stylists and Master Tailors are excited to have you back on the design floor!

A Gentleman’s Guide To Menswear Alterations

If you are like us, you can’t wait to put on your custom-made clothes and put away your jogging pants for a while! 

We can’t lie; the lockdown was hard on our form. We recommend booking an appointment with our Measurement Specialists to make the necessary alterations for a strong comeback in style.

A Second Life

Alterations can save your clothes!

Our tailors can get you back into those pants that have become a bit too snug and save the jacket that has a small tear. Our alterations turn-around is quick, and our team is ready!

  • Give a second life to your clothes
    • Keep on wearing your best clothes for a fraction of the cost of buying an entirely new wardrobe by re-adjusting your current wardrobe.
  • Our Extended After-Sale Alteration Policies
    • Come in to get alterations done on items you picked up during our COVID closures.
  • We’ve got you!
    • We cover weight fluctuations of 10 pounds on our Surmesur clothing.

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