Ecological Suiting by Dormeuil 

With its new collection, Dormeuil is really putting forward a great effort to be ecological with traceable wool and a priority to protect the environment through an amazing tree-planting initiative in the area where the last tsunami devastated Japan.

Tropical Amadeus | Summer Exclusive

Tropical Amadeus is the epitome of summer style, an extra-fine cloth with a fresh, ultramodern feel. Its comfortable, yet luxurious finish gives suits an impeccable drape, making it also suitable for unlined designs and tighter lightweight suits.

Be a Gentleman, Make a Difference

Proceeds from every length of Tropical Amadeus sold will be donated to the Japanese “LOOM” project for the planting of Sakura trees in the city of Minami-Sanriku. 

Every time you buy a suit, you plant a tree!   

Echo | Patagonian & Australian Wool

Echo is the stylish new super 130’s fabric from Dormeuil using two different Merino wools sourced from Patagonian and Australian, expressly chosen for their differing characteristics. 

The blend lends the cloth softness and unique performance, including natural stretch, while the finishing process ensures maximum water-repellency making it more of a traveler’s cloth. 

Dormeuil’s innovation and concern for sustainability come together in Echo, making use of the latest blockchain technology to track and guarantee the origin of the wool, through different stages of production to the finished fabric. 

Our suggestions

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