Timeless Fashion

Nothing is as timeless, reliable and – if worn properly – guaranteed to make you look good as a Navy Blue Suit. 

Think of it as your oldest, most trustworthy friend!

The Colour Of The Year 

Classic Blue is the Pantone Colour Of The Year, so you just can’t go wrong opting for blue hues in 2020! 

This specific variation of blue was chosen for the fact that it instills “calm, confidence, and connection,” which is precisely the impression you’re going to leave in your next made-to-measure navy suit.  

Best For… Everyone! 

The Classic Navy Blue Suit is a staple for any man’s wardrobe — keeping you sharp for all of life’s adventures.

You won’t find anything more versatile, more worth the investment than an excellent navy suit. It provides a sophisticated look that is perfect all year round; just pick the right fabric weight, and it will become an all-season staple.

Classic navy blue suit - greenock collection.

Fits Just Right

Not all blue suits are created equal — for a classic look that will impress your boss and your date — go with this classic navy blue suit from our Greenock collection with a crisp white shirt, your favourite tie, and shoes in strong shades of black or brown.

Our Style Consultants are eager to show you all the fabrics available for your new wardrobe staple!