Make your clothes fit like a glove, every time, by using our alterations service.
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The Art Of Tailoring

Having your clothes altered is a great way to get a perfect fit.

Do you have shirts, trousers or suits that you never wear because you do not like the way they fit? Do you need a second opinion on the fit of your off-the-rack shirts or suits? Would you like to give an old garment a second life?

We got you covered for all your clothing alteration needs! 
From a simple pant hem to altering your favourite sports jacket after a weight change, we are here to help your clothes fit, so you feel and look great. Our qualified Measurement Specialists and Master Tailors will ensure that your garments fit better.

Our alterations turn-around is quick, and our team is ready!


Our Clothing Alteration Services

Keep on wearing your best clothes for a fraction of the cost of buying an entirely new wardrobe by re-adjusting your current wardrobe. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Possible alterations for suits, blazer and sports jackets.

Shoulder Alteration

The shoulder pads in your jacket should end with your shoulders.

Replacing Buttons

We can replace the buttons on your jacket to match the style you are after.

Shorten Sleeves

When your hands are at rest by your sides, a half-inch of your shirt should be exposed. By releasing some of the inlaid fabric in your jacket, we can help you to achieve this ideal sleeve length.

Adjust Jacket Length

Generally speaking, it should be long enough to cover your behind.

Possible alterations for chinos and trousers.

Adjust Cuff

Pants that you consider to be too tight or the incorrect length can easily be salvaged. When adjusting the length of your pants, we can also cuff them to give you a more modern look.

Adjust Waist

The waist of your pants can be taken in or let out. Simply put, you should be able to comfortably stand, sit and walk around.

Possible alterations for dress and sport shirts.

Shorten Sleeves

The sleeves of a dress shirt can be shortened an inch or two by our experienced tailors.

Replace Cuffs & Collars

The collar of your shirt can be easily replaced with a white collar for contrast. The cuffs of your sleeves can be replaced the same way. With a large selection of quality fabrics, our tailors will have no problem matching the colour of your dress shirt.

Shorten Length

The length of your shirt can be easily shortened by a few inches for a better fit.

Take In or Let Out

Each body is different, so a knowledgeable tailor will know what fit will look best based on your body type.

Replace Buttons

Consider asking your tailor to replace all the buttons on your shirt. With a large variety of buttons, our experienced tailors can make your shirt look even better than when you bought it by adding more stylish buttons.

Our Master Tailors can adjust any clothes to fit you perfectly!
Our tailors can get you back into those pants that have become a bit too snug and save the jacket that has a small tear.

Tailoring Is Key

Your entire wardrobe should fit you perfectly. Tailoring is key to make sure all your clothes make you look your best. Come by and we will be able to help you adjust your old Surmesur suit or an off-the-rack one. 

During your free consultation, our Measurement Specialists will be able to take a look at your fit, adjust your clothing, and provide an estimated cost for any alterations that may be required.

Out of respect for our tailors, we kindly ask you to bring clean clothes for alterations.



    1. Hey Jean-Philippe,

      The cost of adjusting your shirt will depend on the type of alterations to be made. So first, we invite you to bring your shirt to your showroom so an expert can evaluate your garments to be altered. For chest, waist, seat and biceps take-in, we are generally talking about a $38. However, our tailors will need to assess the shoulder first, which can be more complex to work on, to confirm that you will be happy with the result.

      You can make an appointment directly on our website. Let us know if you have any further questions.


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