Designed For The Urban Man

Warm enough to face the cold winter weather with style, yet breathable enough to be worn even on the subway.

Tailored to You 

“The details are not just the details. They make the design” 

– Charles Eames, American Designer

Stand The Test of Time

From a coat sleeve with 5 kissing buttons to a camouflage contrast on a pair of elegant single-strap monk shoes – every detail is chosen by you to suit your lifestyle.

Inspired By The Army

The military has had a huge influence on fashion

“From uniforms worn in the 18th century until now, the overcoat is still one of the key items of a gentleman’s wardrobe. The duffle bag is one of the most versatile and stylish bags for everyday use and travel.  A nice pair of leather shoes, well, they’re just nice to have… now add a camouflage pattern to them, and you’ve got some depth and edge for your whole outfit.”

– Kelvin, Branch Manager Vancouver

Grey Herringbone Tailored Overcoat

Single or Double

“Do you want to stay extra cozy?

Or look better with it unbuttoned, walking around the city?

Think of your wearing habits and design the coat that is appropriate for your lifestyle. The double-breasted style will keep you warmer but can be bulkier, so a bit less versatile indoors. While a single-breasted coat will allow for a more casual look when walking around town.”

Proper Length 

“Similar to the style of buttoning you choose, the decision of jacket length will greatly impact not only the aesthetic but the functionality and versatility of your coat. In and out of the car often? Opt for a shorter length to make your life considerably easier. Walk around everywhere? Maybe try out a longer cut for more warmth.”

– Zsombor, Style Consultant Toronto