If you read our previous article unveiling our Spring Summer 2022 collection, you already know that we have several exciting new accessories and clothes that you should have in your closet. Still, we haven’t yet finished showing our favourite new outfits. If you’re looking for a smart summer look that stands out, consider our new Cavani Sports Jacket Collection, which can be designed and worn in a number of different ways!

As an adept of made to measure, you’ll agree that the sports jacket is one of the summer’s most treasured clothing items.

This sharp and colourful single-breasted jacket crafted with a lightweight mesh fabric from our Cavani Murano range will take the modern man wherever he needs to be in style.

Cavani Summer Fabrics

This collection includes the most recent fashion trends and has a smooth matte texture. With Cavani, you get comfort, durability, and a drape that is so good you’ve got something you can’t get anywhere else. Directly from the land of love, Italy, Cavani fabrics make up our new collection of sports jackets, made from the highest quality materials and exude sophistication with a blend of wool, linen and silk. Our collection features a variety of flattering, versatile colours that can be incorporated effortlessly into your wardrobe.

Our Rule Of Thumb: mix and match anything and everything with a Surmesur sports jacket and sneakers to look your best this summer!


The Man in Red

The Casual Look

This single-breasted jacket crafted from a lightweight mesh fabric from the Cavani Murano collection will have the modern man looking sharp wherever he needs to be. You can master the art of finesse with this outfit when you pair it with classic jeans and a striped cotton shirt like this one! A colourful look that will make you appear refined yet relaxed, so you can always be the best-dressed man in any situation!

As well as enhancing your silhouette, a well-tailored sports jacket also slims your midsection, broadens and heightens your shoulders, and gives you a more masculine appearance. What adds a superior value to this garment is that it has a lot of pockets, so you don’t have to carry a lot of extra stuff in your pants. Not only do you look like a gentleman wearing it, it’s also the perfect jacket to lend to someone who needs to warm up.

Our top selling item: The Ox Blood Mesh Sports Jacket, a truly popular choice amongst our distinguished clients. This summery casual piece comes with a classic notch lapel, a regular shoulder style, slanted pockets with flaps, and an extra ticket pocket.

Some critics call wearing jeans and a blazer “the business mullet” (formal up top, casual on the bottom), but in 2022, it’s the newest trend that combines the best of both worlds: formal and chic. You can totally achieve the sophisticated casual look by pairing your classic jeans with a bold sports jacket.

This look can look pretty measly when it’s not used properly, so here are some tips:

What kind of Jeans to choose?

To achieve a look that is both urban and chic, you should go for dark, well-fitting, clean jeans that feel more like dressier pants. Baggy, faded or ripped jeans should be avoided. Besides, you can wear light-coloured jeans sometimes, but if you want to keep things simple and prevent any sartorial faux pas, choose deep indigo jeans.

“A jacket in a colour that contrasts with your jeans usually looks better than a jacket in the same hue.”

Anne-Marie Gagnon, Stylist in Quebec City

What kind of Trousers To Choose?

By prioritizing grey, brown and black pants, you can ensure a simple and elegant wardrobe It’s kind of like limiting your dress shirts to white and light blue, or your dress shoes to black and brown. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier, believe us. It’s not exactly a golden rule, but consider gray pants to be the most versatile in your wardrobe. We recommend going more with jeans than trousers for a casual look, but neutral coloured trousers are always a perfect match.

The Teal Blue Mesh Sports Jacket

  •  This lightweight, comfy, and unquestionably gorgeous teal blue sports jacket from our Cavani Murano collection is a simple final layer to your summer ensembles.
  •  This lightweight, comfy, and unquestionably gorgeous teal blue sports jacket from our Cavani Murano collection is a simple final layer to your summer ensembles.
  •  This lightweight, comfy, and unquestionably gorgeous teal blue sports jacket from our Cavani Murano collection is a simple final layer to your summer ensembles.
  •  This lightweight, comfy, and unquestionably gorgeous teal blue sports jacket from our Cavani Murano collection is a simple final layer to your summer ensembles.

The Formal Look

Here’s an outfit that’s more chic than casual. Our Cavani Murano Teal Sports Jacket is a lightweight, comfortable, and undeniably beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe. This Italian design features classic patch pockets, a Spalla Camicia shoulder, a wide peak lapel with a Milanese, five marble blue kissing buttons, and a gently structured shape. It is made with a quarter lining and tailored in a mesh fabric for extra breathability. Wear it with a light dress shirt, like our Tenamo collection’s custom-made bamboo white shirt. It is incredibly soft and 40% more absorbent than cotton, making it an excellent summer cloth.


As an aside, teal blue is a colour that has the tendency to be paired with the same safe go-to option shirts, whether it’s white, light gray, or pale pink. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, with a little effort, this teal blue colour can become versatile, one that can be worn for everything from timeless chic to party wear and thoroughly modern minimalism.

Here are some styling tips for wearing a sports jacket from our SS22 collection in a more formal setting:

What Kind of Pants To Choose?

You should wear a sports jacket whenever you want to elevate a pair of jeans or any pants that are not the same colour or texture as your jacket. Surmesur stylists recommend pairing this versatile teal mesh sports jacket with pale, gray, tanner or even khaki pants. The key to keeping it simple is not to wear darker colours than the jacket itself!

Chinos Are Your Best Bet!

Chino pants have a classic and easygoing look that sets them apart from other types of trousers. In other words, they don’t feature a time-limited style that’s popular one year and gone the next year. Even though fashion trends come and go, chino pants have been around for many decades, and during that time, they have become recognized as a popular and classic style of men’s pants.

There are several reasons to like chinos. First and foremost, washed chino pants aren’t just protected from shrinkage; they are also protected from fading. Fading usually occurs when you wash and dry a garment. Whether it’s a shirt or pair of pants, washing will release some of the garment’s dye so that it fades to a lighter tone. Some chinos are already washed during production, so they don’t suffer from fading. Be sure to ask your stylist.

You can wash and dry them countless times without fear! The Cream Linen-Cotton Gurkha Chinos is a comfortable piece that can be worn on the plane, on the weekend, and in a smart ensemble for a cocktail party.


This colloquial term has its roots in the Spanish word for “China.” Chinos first appeared when American armed forces were stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War, and their uniforms were made from Chinese twill cotton.

The Sports Jacket Best Friend

There’s no need to look anywhere else for your next summer shirt! Our new summer shirts will allow you to enjoy the summer in comfort no matter the weather. We have everything you need to stylishly beat the heat, from button-down shirts to patterned shirts, camp collars, and linen shirts.

Spring and summer mark the return of nature and its vibrant hues. Floral patterns have always been and will continue to be the go-to for a funky shirt that screams vacation and return of the festivities. When summer comes around, florals are always a must – indulge in the softness of this cotton fabric, and stay fresh with the breathability of our shirts. Also, stripes patterns have always been popular, especially this 2022 summer! Be trendsetting and come to the store to explore all our shirt possibilities.


The Striped White and Lavender Shirt, simply because it is a summer must-have. Not only is it fashionable, but it is also highly appealing. Made from luxuriously soft and light cotton from our Snow Berry collection, it has a contemporary and bold vertical stripe design that will make you the talk of the summer.

Our SS22 shirting collections are easily matched with our sports jackets, either for a casual or formal look. You will stay dry and on top of your game for the upcoming heat waves with a colourful custom Surmesur shirt.


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