The Choice Is Yours 

Now more than ever, it is important to consume consciously. When you create a custom piece, you are making an environmentally conscious choice by avoiding the wastefulness of the ready-to-wear industry while also supporting a business in your community. 

Nothing but the best

As a Surmesur customer, you are already ahead of the curve by supporting this modern shopping way. Here is how you have been shopping consciously without even trying:

1. Unique Creation 

Everything we create at Surmesur is tailor-made for you, which means we don’t keep an inventory; in other words, we never overproduce. This reduces our overall impact on the environment and the consumption of many resources.

2. Timeless Pieces

Think quality over quantity. Your ultimate goal is to get those signature pieces that you will wear for a long time. A well-cut, comfortable custom shirt will last you much longer than any other shirt bought in a large store.

3. Superior Experience

Not only do we offer extremely personalized one-on-one appointments, but we also aim to provide products of the best possible quality at every price point. 

4. The Right Fit

Contrary to your off-the-rack purchases, a custom garment is designed and cut perfectly to your specifications. This allows you to feel your best in every situation.