A French Style Summer

By Dormeuil

In our never-ending quest to enhance your image, we aim to offer you the best of the best. Here are the latest summer ranges from the renowned House of Dormeuil, one of our all-time favourite fabric mills! 


Bring Your A Game

Dormeuil 2021 Summer Fabric natural stretch pure Merino wool

With its vibrant colours, intricate textures and innovative designs, enjoy the novelty of Dormeuil for your summer style: 

Exel Blue – Unique Stretch

Exel uses the natural stretch factor of pure Merino wool fibre to create an easy-to-wear elegant fabric. Dormeuil Exel Blue shows technical mastery and strong contemporary designs.

The fabrics are especially valuable for the stylish, busy man who appreciates the comfort of a stretch factor which will retain its shape and elegance and can be worn all year round.

Dormeuil’s Summer 2021 Midnight Blue Worsted Wool 3-Piece Suit

A modern gent’s refined wardrobe should always include such staples as a midnight blue three piece suit because they are designed to fit any occasion as well as fully canvassed and tailored to your unique measurements. This midnight blue 3-piece suit features a high sleeve head shoulder style, a peak lapel with a lower gorge and one handmade buttonhole, four sleeve buttons and slanted pockets.

This avant-garde suit is cut with 100% Worsted Wool from Dormeuil’s Exel Blue fabric range which uses the natural stretch factor of pure Merino wool fibre to create an easy-to-wear elegant fabric. Consequently, it is a timeless office power player and the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. It’s especially valuable for the stylish adventurer who appreciates the comfort of a stretch factor. This piece will retain its shape and be worn all year round.

The 5 buttons single-breasted waistcoat has two welt pockets and stitching on all edges, making it a truly versatile piece to mix and match. For example, choose a crisp white shirt and a pair of darker leather oxford shoes, and the whole ensemble will come together.

Dormeuil’s expertise is summed up by the Exel Blue range. That is to say technical mastery and a strong eye for stylish contemporary design.

Amadeus 365 – Summer Fabric Performance

Amadeus 365 is a world-renowned collection. It is, as the name implies, a lightweight suiting ideal for year-round wear. 

This prestigious fabric has an excellent drape making it ideal for designing garments to suit your image and unique lifestyle. Making it also also the best collection for entering the modern and sophisticated world of Dormeuil. The Dormeuil 2021 summer fabric collection are a must have for the comming season.

Check out Dormeuil’s Fabric Flipbook for more inspiration and quality fabric options!

Charcoal Plain Double Breasted Worsted Wool Essential Suit

Be the leader of the pack with this timeless and high-performance charcoal double-breasted suit. As a true summer business essential, it is crafted with 100% Worsted Wool from Dormeuil’s Amadeus Action fabric range, made from pure Merino wool that blends tradition with the latest innovations. Above all, the fabric also boasts exceptional comfort and texture.

The suit features a wide peak lapel with stitching and buttonholes on each lapel, a regular shoulder style and slanted pockets with a ticket pocket, making it the perfect avant-garde suit. In addition, it is made with a proper half-canvas construction to improve the drape and durability, this trustworthy piece is sure to accentuate the style and vitality of the wearer.

Discover the dynamic contrast of Amadeus Action, which combines modern style with timeless quality in a fabric designed for today’s active and fashionable men.


Summer 2021 Luxury Natural Fibres

Forming the essence of the new fabric collection for summertime, Dormeuil Naturals includes luxurious linen as well as printed yarns in wool and silk mixtures. Ideal for summer’s more casual silhouettes. These Dormeuil 2021 summer fabric collections are a wardrobe essential for warmer seasons!

The new innovative designs come in very bright plain colours as well as more fancy semi-plains including on-trend seersucker looks in fashionable colour stripes in green, blue and red. 

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This Summer’s Good Better Best

Dormeuil 2021 Summer Fabric grey jacket wool

How you dress, especially at work, has an impact on perceptions and performance. In fact, studies show that a sloppy look equals sloppy work. So make sure you look your very best!


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