eco-friendly brown suit with a tie, bowtie and t-shirt
Custom wear clothes are eco-friendly, while provinding extraordinary comfort and style.

By choosing custom wear, you are the most sustainable shopper on the planet and should be considered a model for the rest of the fashion industry.

You avoid trends and buy clothes with lasting quality that fit you perfectly.

Above all else, you want a long-term wardrobe that you will wear for decades to come.

Invest in quality, not quantity !

Peter Greer, Senior Stylist, QC


Buy fewer, wear longer

The most sustainable thing you can do when you design an item with us is to wear it as frequently as possible, for as long as possible.

A new garment requires a significant amount of resources when produced, so making sure it is made to last creates a positive impact on the environment.

Be better

Because our planet matters, we commit to a more sustainable future. We will work with you towards our common goal every day! But success takes more than a vision – it requires action.

Let’s take action for our planet

Here is how we are committing to sustainability:

  • Value transparency in our overseas manufacturing practices
  • Support a sustainable and environmentally friendly custom product chain
  • Work towards carbon neutrality by planting trees for every garment sold
  • Committing to cut our plastic use in half before the end of 2021
  • Increasing our offer of eco-friendly materials

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