The Flannel Shirt – A Timeless Staple

You already like us for the high quality of our products and the expertise of our Style Consultants in formal wear. But did you know that we also offer a curated selection of soft and polished flannel fabrics to create the perfect dressy casual shirt? 

Whether you are at the office or you find yourself indulging during Sunday brunch, there is certainly a place – or several – in your wardrobe for an impeccable flannel shirt. 

Laidback Essentials

While certain shirts can be worn year-round, no shirt exemplifies the rugged and fancy winter style quite like a flannel shirt. The best modern men’s flannel shirts are inspired by the warm, outdoorsy nature of this sturdy, yet comfortable fabric. 

Long-Lasting Toughness

The durability and versatility of a flannel shirt are undeniable. 

It is both reliable in colder settings yet handsome enough to wear to the office 5 days a week.

Pair it with a nice jacket, your favourite worn-in denim (or chino) and chukka boots and be prepared to turn a few heads – or – wear it exactly how you please as our flannel shirts can handle anything you throw at them.

Exceptionally Easy-to-Wear

Find the kind of flannel shirt that stands out from the crowd, is well-crafted and easy to wear no matter the situation!