Surmesur invites itself on the set of the Olympic Games on Radio-Canada Sports

For a second consecutive year, our Montreal-based team of stylists had the pleasure of dressing all of the Radio-Canada Olympic hosts during the two weeks of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. It was an honour to brainstorm looks and design custom clothing for our favourite columnists, analysts and hosts.

Thank you for your confidence, Dominick Gauthier, Hassoun Camara, Alexandre Coupal, Martin Labrosse, and Martin Leclerc; you were unquestionably the best dressed on Quebec television. And thank you for hosting the Olympic Games in such a relevant and meaningful way.

Hassoun Camara and Dominick Gauthier on the set of Radio-Canada Sports.
Hassoun Camara and Dominick Gauthier in their natural habitat 😉

As well as meeting some incredible humans and building lasting sartorial relations with our celebrities and childhood idols, this type of partnership allows us to meet the challenge of always finding the perfect pieces to showcase on television. It’s often said that television is unforgiving, so it’s our responsibility to make sure they look their best in every appearance, so they only have to focus on their sports analysis.

Dominick Gauthier, co-founder of B2ten, Olympian, speaker and expert analyst for Radio-Canada Sports.

Dominick Gauthier wearing an elegant navy blue Surmesur suit.
Dominick Gauthier proudly wearing his timeless navy blue Surmesur suit.

“Thanks to Surmesur! Knowing that you are well dressed gives you confidence when the camera is rolling.”

Dominick Gauthier

Our favourite look for Dominick was definitely the combination of this sophisticated navy blue suit and a white shirt with light blue stripes. The perfect outfit to bring out his chic, modern and professional personality. Learn more about Olympian Dominick Gauthier here.

Hassoun Camara, public speaker and well-dressed former soccer player.

Hassoun Camara is wearing a textured sports jacket and a tailored pink dress shirt.
Shades of pink and burgundy are perfect for Hassoun Camara’s complexion.

Hassoun Camara loves to dress well. And since he got a taste of tailor-made clothes, he can’t do without them 😉 Especially since he gets compliments everywhere he goes, even on TV shows like On va se dire. You’ll understand that it’s a good thing for our Montreal stylists who have always been great admirers of Hassoun, especially when he played for the Montreal CF (formerly the Montreal Impact). As for any high level athlete, it is generally difficult to dress in ready-to-wear clothes. It is therefore essential to wear tailor-made clothes that are well-cut to be comfortable despite an unusual morphology. Discover the exceptional career of this former professional soccer player here.

Special mention to this infernal trio composed of Alexandre Coupal, Martin Leclerc and Martin Labrosse

The Surmesur team saw for itself the pleasure and complicity these three men have in working together.

Martin Labrosse, host-journalist at Radio-Canada Sports.

Martin Labrosse looks very smart in his grey Surmesur checked suit.
Martin Labrosse all smiles in his new custom-made outfit.

” Thank you to the people at Surmesur who have taken care of my look at every Olympics since 2014. Looking forward to working together again! “

Martin Labrosse

Martin Labrosse has been a loyal Surmesurian for almost 10 years. All of his looks at the Olympic Games animation since 2014 were designed in collaboration with our Surmesur boutique in Montreal. By opting for classic outfits, like this elegant grey check suit, worn with brighter light shirts, Martin displays both his entertaining and professional side in style.

Martin Leclerc, columnist and expert commentator and analyst

Martin Leclerc with a look perfectly tailored to him.
The large checks and darker earth tones are a perfect match for Martin Leclerc.

We hope you enjoyed Martin Leclerc’s different looks at the last Beijing Olympics as much as we did. For our part, based on the comments received on social media, Martin had perhaps the best looks of this edition ;).

Alexandre Coupal wearing Surmesur hosting the Olympics on Radio-Canada.
To show the fun side of Alexandre Coupal, we opted for textured suits and funky patterned shirts.

Thank you to Alexandre Coupal for representing Surmesur so well in all your television appearances. We love your infectious energy and natural charisma, especially since it allows us to experiment with more vibrant textures and patterns.

And finally, a huge thank you to the entire Beijing 2022 team and all the Radio-Canada Sports Olympic anchors for trusting us with their style.

See you next time!

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