“Le chic à la française”

 Let’s go over Dormeuil’s new finest fabrics for your next summer suit and sport jacket.

Dorsilk | Finest Silk & Wool

The splendid Dorsilk range represents the ultimate blend of wool and silk for creating modern sport jackets.

The silk is coloured using the latest methods to reveal a subtle shimmer, giving a unique effect and each piece an individual quality. 

This innovative range also features linen, accentuating the current fashionable look, ideal for summer. 

Calypso | Summer Wool & Linen

Dormeuil’s new Calypso collection, a blend of wool and linen, has a dry handle finish, which makes it the perfect combination of lightness and elegance, and the ideal choice for comfortable summer jackets.  

The rich color palette and shimmering effects that result from this blend emphasize the chic nature of this highly contemporary range. 

There is a choice between several woven effects – twill, plain and basket weaves – adding to the depth of the collection. 

Our Suggestions

Dormeuil is your best bet if you want people to really notice you and not just the clothes.