For a men’s summer style full of good vibes, take a look at our new SS22 collection that not only reflects elegance and finesse but also features clean lines and lightweight fabrics for a summer to remember. Choose from a variety of premium shirts, suits, jackets and accessories to become the master of men’s fashion.

Introducing Surmesur SS22

Your Summer Style Wardrobe Starts Here!

For a men’s summer style done properly, we’re focusing on comfort through fabrics that are designed to breathe, move easily and last a long time. For example, our linen suits, such as this Light Gray Suit worn by our Business Developer Alvaro, are made from 100% linen from our Gustavo fabric collection. This one features a Spalla Camicia shoulder style, a wide peak lapel, 4 kissing sleeve buttons and patch pockets with a Barchetta chest pocket. This suit will keep you cool, sharp and stylish for summertime. 

How to wear it? Suits like this can be styled easily, particularly in grayish tones. Pair it with a matching waistcoat, a crisp white shirt or even a T-shirt and brown derby shoes for a flawless summer style.

What about the cloth?

By virtue of its flexibility and lightness, linen is beneficial to our sartorial health. Fibres in this fabric are insulating and thermoregulating, keeping us cool in the summer. Natural fibres such as linen are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin.

Your Closet Called For A Style Refresh

Many of our summer 2022 suits are made with wool or wool blend that are just as breathable and stylish as our linen suits! From brown to blue to magenta, we offer a multitude of suits worthy of the best men’s summer style. Want to get creative this summer, without going too far off the beaten path? Dare to try our suits like this one, our famous Brown & Blue Windowpane Wool Suit, which is a must-have if you want to compose a sophisticated summer wardrobe that meets the highest standards of men’s fashion. This trendy light brown suit, made of lightweight wool and adorned with a stunning blue check pattern, adds a touch of elegance to your everyday outfits.


  • This trendy light brown suit, made of lightweight wool and adorned with a stunning blue check pattern is perfect for a summer with fashion.
  • This trendy light brown suit, made of lightweight wool and adorned with a stunning blue check pattern is perfect for a summer with fashion.
  • This trendy light brown suit, made of lightweight wool and adorned with a stunning blue check pattern is perfect for a summer with fashion.

What About The Cloth?

Dust and dirt have a hard time adhering to wool. Wool fibre has a surface made up of overlapping scales, like a bird’s feathers, so you can easily brush it and remove stains. Consequently, it’s easy to clean as dirt settles on the fibre’s surface.

Wool biodegrades naturally, so it doesn’t end up in landfills or the water. It will continue to shed fibres during washing, but these fibres will degrade naturally without harming the environment. Cotton, on the other hand, releases microfibres into the water, while polyester releases plastic microfibres. Wool is also compostable. The result is a much better alternative to petroleum-based synthetics, which contribute to air pollution and ultimately climate change.


  • Wool absorbs and releases moisture quickly, allowing the fabric to “breathe.”
  • Wool is resistant to dirt, flame, and wear and tear since many of its weaves resist the elements.
  • Because of the way the fibres serve as a thermal shield, wool is a strong natural insulator.
Fine Seasonal Fabrics from Dormeuil.
Fine Seasonal Fabrics from Dormeuil.

For Our Most Stylish Ones!

A Little Bit Of History…

In the middle of the seventeenth century, waistcoats first became fashionable in Persia. Vests were knee-length garments that followed the cut of coats but were much tighter fitting. By covering much of the body with plainer, cheaper materials, it was intended to reduce the use of lavish materials (such as lace).

Samuel Pepys, an English diarist and naval administrator, identified the new style in 1666: “The King has … declared his determination not to alter the style of his clothes. A vest would be worn instead.” he wrote in his diary.  

In 1670, vests were among the most popular European fashion trends, particularly among the nobility who abandoned sobriety for opulence and excessive ornamentation.

Why Choose To Wear Waistcoats in 2022?

Many conservative members of some professions, such as corporate law and banking, still consider a waistcoat to be the most appropriate business attire. The Brown-Blue Check Waistcoat in a Wool-Linen-Silk Blend is a perfect choice if you’re not sure which waistcoat to choose first to put together your brand new summer fashion style. Made from a sumptuous blend of wool, linen, and silk from the renowned house of Cavani, this waistcoat features a regular v-cut, two welt pockets, and five blue pearl buttons.

Wearing a waistcoat has many practical advantages. When it gets too hot during summer, it is easy to take off, but it is easy to put back on when it gets cold. With a waistcoat, the wearer looks slimmer by holding in the stomach.

Waistcoats are versatile, look good with jeans and replace the suit when it’s hot.

André Gagnon, Stylist in Quebec City

New In: Genuine Leather Belts

We’re excited to announce a brand new premium belt to complete your spring and summer looks and support your pants in style! For the summer season, we suggest that you wear classic black, brown or cognac. These three colours are timeless and easy to style with anything! They come with a square nickel-plated buckle and an embossed houndstooth pattern, making them the perfect match for dress pants or jeans.

Genuine leather belts are a must for men's fashion.
Genuine leather belts are a must for men’s fashion.


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