Holland & Sherry | A True Visual Splendour

As we are always aiming to find you the perfect sports jacket for the next season, and after introducing you to the Dormeuil’s French chic, let’s now explore the boldness and depth of Holland & Sherry’s freshly arrived summer fabrics.

The Ultimate Blazer

We are particularly excited about the book Mesh and Hopsack Blazers featuring fabrics in an assortment of wool, linen and silk with an incredible texture, so different from what you can usually find. Because of their open-weave structure, these fabrics are not meant to be made into suits or trousers, but are perfectly engineered to create a jacket that is incredibly comfortable to wear.

To fully appreciate the open structure of the weaves, we recommend that you opt for an unlined and less structured garment that will allow air to circulate more freely through the fabric, thus offering a more relaxed approach to the traditional blazer.

This is one of the most luxurious collections for the hot and humid weather.


The hopsack fabric, first used to transport hops, hence the name hopsack, has a more rustic structure, with a braided appearance, creating a strong, yet very airy fabric.


Mesh fabric is a type of wide-mesh textile and, therefore, highly breathable. It is a favourite of our designers, and they especially love this latest iteration from H&S.

You Can’t Get Enough Right?

The Mesh & Hopsack Blazers book was a must, but the next three are just as great for spring-summer jacketing. 

Summer Ascot offers mostly non-textured plaid fabrics that are much cooler making them the perfect choice for the summer months. The all-wool range of this collection is suitable for both business and casual attire, 

Crystal Springs is made up of more vibrant, more textured fabrics that could be described as summer tweeds. Nubby to the touch, these fabrics are ideal for the most daring gentleman looking to create a fresh and striking summer look. 

Impact Book III is the Fashion book par excellence among  the new spring-summer collection from Holland & Sherry. Why? Because they paired every single colour of trousers to go with the proper jacket. Such a wild and refined collection that is much more fashion-oriented. These fabrics can also be made into spectacular suits, so don’t be afraid to get matching trousers to go with the jacket. 

A True Visual Splendour

The sports jacket instantly transforms any look from casual to smart, as its versatility allows for almost limitless styles. 

It is the garment that will never go out of style in your wardrobe.