At Surmesur, we push others to their best selves, and we are no exception. We strive for a sustainable future. We encourage body positivity and inclusivity. We advocate fair pricing for high-quality products. And this is just the beginning. Progress has always been our purpose.

To A Sustainable Future

As custom makers, we tend to stay away from trends. We want to be able to create garments that can be worn for many years to come. We reach for lasting designs and sustainable materials to create timeless pieces made to fit perfectly. This is our commitment to the environment because everything we do is designed with our future in mind.

For our planet, from all of us.

We value transparency in our overseas manufacturing practices

We support a sustainable and environmentally friendly custom product chain

We work towards carbon neutrality by planting trees for every garment sold

We are committing to cut our plastic use in half before the end of 2021 

We commit to increasing our offer of eco-friendly materials

To Fair Pricing

We are extremely proud to be able to offer our high-quality products at a fair price all year-round. We do not believe in sales nor do we encourage over consumption. We never over produce as everything we do is for a specific individual. We believe that our products allow you to shop sustainably because our pieces are with you for the long haul.

To Every Body

The traditional fashion industry is based on very narrow standards of the ideal body. That is not what we are about. We encourage body positivity and inclusivity. We offer a perfect fit for everybody. We want to make sure that our products allow our clients to always look and feel their best. This is our commitment to our clients because that impacts, not only how they look, but also how they act and live. 

We are here to make sure that our clients are ready for everything that life will throw at them.

Louis-Charles Plante, GM

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  1. Hi, coming to Vancouver from Australia for a wedding in August. Love the suits. If we send measurements and photos can we have one ordered before we arrive?

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