It Feels Like Summer

Warmth means linen shirts. Why? Because they offer exceptional breathability and comfort to keep you cool during hot summer days.

Linen shirt and suit to keep you cool during warm summer days. Short sleeve made-to-measure linen shirt. 2021 summer essentials
Pair a short sleeve summer linen shirt with a linen suit to add dimension to your summer look.

Our latest collection of linen fabrics is available exclusively in-store.


The Italian Linen Way

Linen is essential in hot weather thanks to its great breathability. Perfect under a sports jacket or worn with denim joggers, the linen shirt will be your best ally this summer. Plus, it’s one of the few fabrics that get more and more comfortable every time you wear it. 

Breathable 2021 linen summer menswear essential shirt.
Linen shirts can be worn with any type of pants from formal trousers, to casual chinos or even a nice pair of Surmesur jeans.

Discover a fabric with amazing properties:


Dries very quickly and keeps you cool

Progressive Comfort 

Becomes softer and comfier with each wear

Keeps you fresh

Eliminates odour with its antibacterial properties 

Embrace the wrinkles

Let the richness of this casual fabric speaks for itself 

Absorbant, comfortable and stylish 2021 essential summer menswear made-to-measure shirt.
So breathable that you can go for a bike ride without worry. Our made-to-measure linen shirts will keep you fresh!

Read more about linen fabric and its attributes in our (Linen)Credible blog post!

A few linen shirts and jackets are available online. However, our latest collection of linen fabrics is available exclusively in-store. Find a showroom near you to get started on your made-to-measure comfortable linen shirt!


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