The Quintessential Sports Jacket

Your look, you dictate it. But to inspire you, our stylists have designed phenomenal sports jackets to add more versatility to your rotation. 

Perfect to end summer in style!  

Yellow O’Clock

One of our best sellers of the season, this sports jacket is designed in a flamboyant, lightweight and breathable mesh fabric. Super versatile, it will match all the colours you already have on hand: white, black, navy blue, grey, khaki, beige and orange tones. 

Yellow is the colour most associated with happiness and optimism, as well as creativity.  If you work in sales, add yellow accessories to enhance your look. Your outfit will inspire a sense of efficiency and confidence in your clients.

Style Tip

When designing a mesh, Hopsack or linen jacket, you can opt for the “unstructured” option if you want to add comfort and breathability to your jacket.

Green Light

Made from a surprising blend of cotton and linen, this sports jacket will make even the most casual look elegant. 

Green evokes calmness, nature, self-confidence and matches any skin complexion, making it one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe this year. 

Style Tip

Green looks great paired with black and grey. You can also wear it with denim, either light or dark – handy for going from the office to Happy Hour with a flawless look.