The Proper Tie Knot

After you’ve selected the tie width and material that is best for you, you need to tie your tie! Selecting a knot that is appropriate for the style of a tie is almost as important as the tie itself.

The fundamental aspect of wearing a tie is certainly the knot. If this is done with care, it serves to emphasize the characteristics of the necktie itself and can give a touch of refinement or, when done wrong, it can deteriorate your look.

The Most Famous Knots 

There are almost a hundred ways to tie a tie, but remember that certain necktie knots should be used with specific shirt collars and tie fabric materials to get the best results for your appearance.

Here are a few style tips from our experts to help you choose the right knot depending on the tie, the shirt collar and the occasion:

Four-in-Hand Knot

The perfect knot for a narrow tie is a simple four-in-Hand knot. 

Also known as the “schoolboy,” this is probably the most widely used tie knot because it’s so easy to tie. It’s a good tie knot to use if your tie is made of heavier material. It looks best with smaller spread collars. 

Try keeping the knot slightly asymmetrical and a little loose if you want a more casual look. 

Half & Full Windsor Knot

With standard ties, or for a more formal look, try a Half or Full Windsor knot. These two are the British-style tie knots par excellence as they are named after the Duke of Windsor. 

 These tie knots are appropriate for lighter fabrics and wider ties. The Half Windsor is best worn with a standard collar, and the Full Windsor is best worn with a widespread collar.

The Windsor knot is reserved for great formal occasions.

The Final Touch 

Refined men will make sure to make a dimple at the knot of their tie; make it before tightening the knot, place a finger under it, so that it makes a small fold. If you are successful, the dimple will be perfectly in the center. Et voilà!