Explore the key benefits of a made-to-measure garment

Wearing a well-cut suit has more effect than you might think. During a business meeting or a first encounter, we can never repeat it enough; the first impression is often irrevocable, so much so that it is often said that the clothes make the man. Don’t you have a say in the design and fit of your clothes? The “custom-made” craze has encouraged many men to indulge in the joys of personalization, a trend that has exploded in recent years. But what are the real advantages of a custom-made suit or shirt?

A cut better adapted to your morphology

Your garment is made according to your individual measurements and adapted to your figure. The measurements are taken from A to Z and nothing is left to chance. There is no such thing as an identical cut. They are all unique because each customer is different.

Different morphologies for men
Everyone has a different body type, which is important to consider when making outfits.

If you have a particular body type, finding the right suit or shirt with the right fit will no longer be a headache. Whether you are tall, short, thin or overweight, your tailor will create the right fit for you.

A good tailor reads the many characteristics of your body type and makes a pattern based on it, which a ready-to-wear garment can never offer. For example, a good tailor will form a pattern for a leg with strong calves in order to conceal it.

Be careful, custom-made clothing is not reserved for specific shapes. It offers a better comfort to all and allows us to take advantage of our assets. Everything is calculated to the nearest 1/8 of an inch, for example, the shoulder seams are in the right place and the fit is perfectly adapted to your silhouette, and especially to your taste. Custom made is the solution for a perfect fit that adapts to your needs. It will turn the tables on you and it has the power to either make you look younger, taller, thinner or even fit you like never before.

The experience and personalization of custom-made clothing

Of course, personalization doesn’t stop with your initials embroidered on your clothing. The after-sales experience and customer follow-up is usually offered with your custom-made garment. It allows you to have a better guarantee in addition to being able to archive your favorite fabrics and cuts. In order to achieve a sublime garment, unique and perfectly adapted to your silhouette, fittings and adjustments will be made until it is perfect for you.

Man with a black tuxedo and a bow tie
You will always look your best with a suit that fits your figure.

Made to measure: a much wider choice in terms of materials and style options

From back slits that fit your body type to buttonholes sewn into the bottom of your sleeves, you can choose everything. You determine your exterior details, style options and even the color of your buttons. This way you can create your own style without distorting yourself, whether it’s for a special occasion or for everyday life. Plus, you’ll choose your outer fabric in addition to your inner lining, so you can choose the composition you’re most comfortable in.

Range of fabrics to suit your needs
The custom-made option allows you to choose from a wide range of fabrics. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs!

Handmade is the best way

Finally, as the suit and shirt created are unique pieces, the handmade is essential. Behind your made-to-measure piece of clothing is one or more craftsmen who carry out numerous delicate assembly steps. From the setting on canvas to the exterior finishing, the garment is meticulously created for you, a guarantee of superior quality. Please note that “Made in Quebec” is not always synonymous with superior quality than “Made elsewhere”.


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