Ranked Number 1 in GTA for the Second Years in a Row

For the second year in a row, we won the Greater Toronto Area Consumer’s Choice Award in recognition of our business excellence and the exceptional customer service we are so proud to offer you every day. 

Thank you so much for being part of the Surmesur family. You allow us to continue our journey to elevate your style and wardrobe to the next level. We are very proud of this accomplishment and to have won this prestigious honour as the best custom apparel company in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Only the Most Outstanding Companies in Canada 

Consumer Choice Award is more than an award company, it is an organization that helps winners tell their story, advertise their success, promote their brand, and grow their bottom line.

CCA has been recognizing and promoting Business Excellence in Canada for over 30 years. It is Canada’s only award organization to utilize statistically supported independent research. A method that ensures that only the most outstanding companies across Canada are the winners of this prestigious award. Their independent Selection Process means winners are never random; they’re the result of an in-depth consumer evaluation journey calculated with the help of Big Data.  

True Business Excellence

With only one winner in each category per city, there truly is no greater differentiator in the market today. For consumers, when choosing a custom menswear provider, the reputation will always outweigh the price. When you see the CCA logo on our doors, you know that you are in good hands! 

This victory validates our EFFORTS and lets our DISTINGUISHED CUSTOMERS and competitors know that we represent EXCELLENCE in all that we do! 

The CCA trademark that you can find in our Toronto and Mississauga stores is more than just a designation; it is another way of setting us apart from the competition.