The Flannel Enthusiast

Like tweed, worsted flannel is one of the great pleasures of classic menswear and one of my favourite fabrics for the season! 

Wool flannel suits tend to be slightly heavier, which means they provide a better drape and better insulation. Plus, the textured surface feels incredibly soft to the touch.

Just like sitting in your favourite chair enjoying a dram of scotch and a good book, flannel will keep you comfortable and warm all season long – you can take my word for it!

The Man in Burgundy Flannel Suit

In the canon of classic menswear fabrics, flannel holds a permanent spot in the must-have category for those of us who live in places where it gets cold for a few months every year.

Here’s a magnificent example of a contemporary flannel suit styled with two of my go-to shirts and ties combination.

Stylist Tip

“The colours you choose to wear, regardless of fabric or garment, should be based mostly on how they interact with your skin tone. If you don’t know yours, a five-minute chat with me will be very helpful for you!”

Alvaro, Expert Stylist