We have always been fascinated by the history and richness of tweed fabrics. Our stylists are particularly fond of the Harris Tweed & Sherry Tweed collections from the renowned house of Holland & Sherry!

As we approach the shorter, darker days, there is only one sensible fabric to wear: Tweed.

A well-cut tweed garment evokes the refined elegance of the modern man.  

The British Way

Stay warm without compromising elegance, the British way! 

Harris Tweed

Woven by hand

Harris Tweed is a world-renowned woollen textile unique in its use of local materials and hand-crafted techniques. It originates from the beautiful and remote islands of the Outer Hebrides situated off the west coast of Scotland. 

The Harris Tweed collection incorporates traditional, warm, rustic colours, evoking the countryside and outdoor pursuits associated with Britishness.  

Sherry Tweed

Pure whool

Sherry Tweed is inspired by the beauty of the rolling hills and the dramatic moorlands of the Scottish Borders. The sublime colourations are achieved by blending together several different colours in one yarn. 

Warm and soft to the touch, attractive to look at and durable, contemporary yet traditional, this classic collection of fabric from the Tweed Valley is the ultimate tweed.