There are three different silhouettes for men: the trapezoid, the triangle and the rectangle/oval (depending on your body type).

Today we propose to explain the differences between them and give you all our tips to enhance your body, no matter what it is!

Versatility: the trapezoid

Generally, the trapezoidal silhouette, which is characterized by shoulders that are slightly wider than the hips, is the easiest to dress because it does not really impose any basic constraints. Also, it leaves room to explore cuts and prints that would not necessarily be possible on other silhouettes. Do you recognize yourself in this slim and symmetrical silhouette? Dare to try more original textures, patterns and combinations!

Man with a checkered suit and a navy blue tie
Textures and patterns can make you look better.

Athlete’s silhouette: the triangle

Do you have an athletic silhouette and broad shoulders? You’re a triangle. A developed torso is not a bad thing, but how do you dress it up? Wear round collars and opt for dark, straight-leg pants. The famous “skinny jeans” will only accentuate your skinnier legs.

If you have a hard time finding shirts that are not too tight around the neck or too wide in the waist, consider getting them custom made. It’s an investment you won’t regret!

With this silhouette, the goal is to establish a balance between the upper and lower body. So we drop the flashy ties, the psychedelic patterns and the addition of details on the upper body.

Black man with a navy suit and a purple shirt and tie.
You won’t go wrong with a more “simple” style.

Tightly woven: the rectangle and the oval

For oval or rectangular figures, it is essential to choose clothes that structure the silhouette. Don’t be fooled! Loose-fitting cuts won’t help you. In fact, it is rather the opposite.

Choose clothes that will draw attention to your upper body and face. Generally speaking, the colors to prioritize are dark shades that refine the silhouette: black, but also browns, burgundy, which is very fashionable this year, and forest green.

For fall and winter, consider investing in a trench coat, which will fit you better than a sport coat. One last tip: keep your suit buttoned up as much as possible, as a jacket that flutters in the wind gives even more volume to the silhouette.

Black man in a vertical striped suit walking down the stairs
A well-fitted, buttoned-up suit will look great on you!


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